Food has always brought people together. But as time has passed cooking and the act of preparing a meal for the table has faded. Some things in this modern world are supposed to be made at home, a little slower, by hand and with love. My ethos is to empower people in the kitchen, to help them be better cooks, give them the confidence to try something new and most importantly have fun!

Get to know Andy Hearnden

I grew up in New Zealand. I think I was about 3 years old when I first put on an apron and started helping my mum in the kitchen. I was a terrible student. So, I unenrolled myself from school in year 10 and enrolled myself into chef school.

Fast forward to now

I have cooked in some great restaurants in Auckland, London, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. I also spent time in the business side of hospitality, managing restaurants, cafes and bars in airports and testing recipes using great Australian beef and lamb. However, what I love most is cooking a big meal for 'Babe', family and friends at home.

It’s a pretty incredible thing to be able to share what I cook with so many people now. I appreciate you all and love when you comment, ask questions and request your favourite dish.

Andy x